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Version-Independent Tutorials!

The tutorials on this page should work in any version of Paint Shop Pro, from PSP 8 upward.

~ Recording a Simple Script ~
Getting started recording, playing, and editing simple scripts! !
~ Making Scripts Version-Independent ~
How to create scripts that work in ALL versions of PSP!
~ Customizing Toolbars in PSP ~
Create your own toolbars using PSP 9's customization feature!
~ Customizing Menus in PSP ~
Exploring PSP 9's customization feature to create your own menus!
~ Using the Pause Script Demo ~
How to use Gary Barton's Pause Script structure in PSP!
~ The ScriptData Communication Area ~
How to use the "undocumented" SCA in PSP!
~ Text On A Path in PSP ~
Creating text on a path in PSP - the complete story!
~ Proportional Selections ~
A "how-to" tutorial on making proportional selections!
~ Bezier Lines in PSP ~
Creating those "elastic lines" in PSP!
~ Simple Bezier Flowers ~
Using that intriguing Bezier Curve to create flowers!
~ Selection Folders in PSP ~
How to set up those folders for selection tutorials!
~ Using Bound Scripts in PSP ~
Run scripts at the touch of a button with Bound Scripts!
~ Triple Chisel Frame ~
A frame built using the PSP Chisel Effect!
~ Swirly-Jig Frame ~
A glassy-look frame using Eye Candy 3!
~ Sinedots Cross ~
Using the incredible Sinedots II filter!
~ Ripple Ribbon Frame ~
A frame using some ripple effect magic!
~ Blast Gradient Frame ~
A simple frame using Toadies filters!
~ Simple Muted Tones Frame ~
A simple frame using HSL coloring techniques!
~ Brush Strokes Frame #1 ~
An elegant frame using the Brush Strokes effect!
~ Brush Strokes Frame #2 ~
Using the Brush Strokes Impasto effect!
~ BarCode Frame ~
A frame using Sabercat Saber's BarCode filter!
~ Simple Quick Plaids ~
A quick and easy way to make
plaid tiles!
~ Simple Big Blinkie ~
A formula for making BIG blinkies - for tired, "mature" eyes!
~ Using Alpha Channels to Create Big Blinkie Templates ~
Exploring those alpha channels!
~ Big Blinkie Templates - Part II ~
Big Blinkie templates with hearts and stars and arrows . . . !
~ Autumn Door Wreath ~
Scraps of calico in fall colors make a gorgeous wreath!
~ Metal Plate Rack ~
A metal display rack for decorative plates!
~ Pot Rack ~
An easy rack for storing all your decorative pots and vases and urns!
~ Songbird Plates ~
Pretty plates with an Eye Candy 4000 bevel!
~ Teddy Bear Shelf ~
A wonderfully simple "gate" shelf for displaying your teddy bears!
~ Simple Folded Towels ~
A simple way to make plain, printed, or striped folded towels!
~ Patchwork Potholders ~
Cute potholders for decorating wall racks and kitchen accessories!
~ Wooden Curio Shelf ~
A wooden curio shelf for decorating any room's walls!
~ Wall Organizer* ~
A wooden organizer to keep your mail sorted out - plus other "stuff"!
~ Summer Steps ~
A fun tutorial using selections to build steps to decorate!
~ Gift of Music ~
A framed image using musical symbol custom paint brushes!
~ Teardrop Shelf ~
A teardrop-shaped hanging shelf to display all your goodies!
~ Paper Towel Shelf ~
A cute paper towel dispenser shelf for your wall!
~ Antique Washstand ~
A genuine antique washstand, modeled after the real thing!
~ Curio Cabinet ~
A gorgeous wall cabinet with glass doors and lots of shelves!
~ Oriental Tea Set ~
A series of 7 tutorials for all the parts of an Oriental Tea Set!
~ Antique Dry Sink ~
A wonderful old pattern to make a versatile dry sink!
~ French Country Baker's Rack ~
A beautiful baker's rack for the kitchen or dining room!
~ Wooden Kitchen Rack ~
A wonderful kitchen shelf with a basket weave door!
~ Twig Frame Wall Hanging ~
Make your own twig frames with needlepoint inserts!
~ Cedar Potting Bench ~
Easy vector tutorial for creating a wonderful cedar-top potting bench!
~ Snowman Bench ~
A wooden bench with a quartet of snowmen forming the back!
~ Snowbear Teddy ~
Irresistable Snowbear that will melt your heart!
~ Home Canning Jars ~
Wonderful decorative jars - easiest canning you've ever done!
~ Creating an Arc ~
How to create a simple vector arc in PSP!
~ Using Autosave ~
Using PSP's Autosave function!
~ Centering Text or Graphics ~
Exploring ways to center images and text in PSP!
~ HTML Color Codes ~
How to set up PSP to show the HTML color codes!
~ Coloring Images ~
Exploring ways to color/re-color images in PSP!
~ Using the Color Replacer Tool ~
Tips for getting the most out of the Color Replacer tool!
~ Importing Custom Brushes ~
How to import .jbr brushes into PSP!
~ Using the Alignment Guides ~
Tips for using the alignment guides in PSP!
~ Eraser Tool Tips ~
Tips for getting the most out of the Eraser tool!
~ Drawing a Vector Triangle ~
How to draw a vector triangle in PSP!
~ Determining PSP Version ~
How to determine save version for PSP images!
~ Palettes & Toolbars ~
Tips on working with palettes and toolbars in PSP!
~ Creating Preset Shapes ~
How to create and save preset shapes in PSP!
~ Using the Flood Fill Tool ~
Tips for getting the most out of the Flood Fill tool!

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