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Lately, everyone, including yours truly, has gotten into blinkies! But they're always so very tiny, it's difficult for some of us to even see them, much less work on them! So, I decided to make a BIG blinkie, using the same format as the smaller blinkies! I also decided to save you some of the tedium involved in making blinkies, and provided the selections you need to complete this blinkie so you won't have to color individual pixels! Hope you have fun building your simple big blinkie!

I make my tutorials as brief as possible, without the customary paths, details, and how-to's. For those veterans among you, this will be welcome! But for those less familiar with PSP, I included a "Glossary" that contains all the details omitted in the tutorial. If you need a little extra help, check the Glossary section. Just click on the button below - the Glossary will open in a new window.

PSP glossary button

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro at the intermediate level (or advanced beginner level with the Glossary). It was originally written in and for PSP Version 7, and now made "version-independent". Screen shots for this tutorial can come from any version of PSP - where there are significant differences from version to version, a green "Version Note" will be included, along with multiple screen shots if necessary.

Where a note/tip refers to a version of PSP and all higher versions, a + sign will be used to indicate this. For example, if a note/tip applies to PSP X and higher versions, I will use the convention "PSP X+".

If you try this tutorial, and find something is inaccurate for your version of PSP, please EMAIL ME to let me know so I can fix it!

Screen shots in this tutorial are resized - your work will be larger than this!

Supplies - For this tutorial, you will need the following:
  • Paint Shop Pro - any version. The latest version of PSP can be found at the Corel site HERE.

  • The PSP file containing the selections for this tutorial - you can get it HERE. ~ ~ Unzip into the folder where you keep your current PSP work.
    Note: The selections for this tutorial are contained in alpha channels. When you open the PSP file provided, you will see only the checkerboard background. Don't panic, the selections are there - you just can't see them yet!

  • BONUS!: Additional templates for two square blinkies, two more rectangular blinkies, and a heartshaped blinkie! You can get them HERE. ~ ~ Unzip into the folder where you keep your current PSP work.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

OK, now we're ready to begin! Grab your mouse and let's get started!

Remember to save often!

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~


Open the ss-bigblinkie.psp image. Duplicate the image and close the original. Don't panic - all the selections are there, stored in alpha channels - you just can't see them yet!

Flood fill the image with the color, pattern, or gradient you want for your edges - I used a wood pattern for the sample image, with a crossways grain.

On the same layer, load the inside selection from the alpha channel, and flood fill this selection with the color, pattern, or gradient you want for the center of your blinkie. You can add a texture to the center if you want, or apply one of your favorite BladePro or Super Bladepro presets - do whatever you want to the center while it is still selected. I used a gradient for my center, and applied a linen texture using the Texturizer filter.

If you want a little shading on the center, to give it more depth, float the selection, and apply a cutout effect with the following settings:

Vertical offset (0)
Horizontal offset (0)
Opacity (61)
Blur (15)
Shadow color (black)

You can even apply different effects to the frame of your blinkie. Invert the current selection to do this. I applied an inner bevel to my frame using the following settings:

inner bevel
Bevel (2nd one, top row), Width (13), Smoothness (0), Depth (3), Ambience (17),
Shininess (0), Color (white), Angle (27), Intensity (32), Elevation (40)

When you are satisfied with your background and frame, deselect and save!


Add a new raster layer and add your text, making sure your text fits within the borders of your blinkie. On the opening image, I used the Kinders font, Size = 20. Adjust until you have your text the way you want it. You might want to add a small drop shadow to your text - I used the following settings:

Vertical offset (1)
Horizontal offset (1)
Opacity (95)
Blur (2)
Shadow color (black)

Save your work!


If you want to add any small decorative images, do this on a new layer so you can adjust as needed. I applied the same inner bevel to my gift image as used in Step 2.

Save your work!


Merge the 3 layers, naming the resulting layer "blinkie1". Duplicate this layer twice, naming the duplicates "blinkie2" and "blinkie3". Your Layer Palette should look like this:

layer palette

Hide the "blinkie3" and "blinkie2" layers. Activate the "blinkie1" layer, and load the blinkie1 selection from the alpha channel. Flood fill with your choice of colors, patterns, or gradients. I used Dee's D_gold fold pattern, with Scale set to 50%. Deselect and save.

Activate the "blinkie2" layer, and load the blinkie2 selection from the alpha channel. Flood fill with the same fill. Deselect.

Finally, activate the "blinkie3" layer, and load the blinkie3 selection from the alpha channel, and flood fill as before.

Note: If you want to add images outside the blinkie, you will need to expand the canvas size. For the example below, I expanded my canvas size to 400 x 150, then added a layer, and selected the bear tube shown. Once I had the bear tube positioned, I duplicated this layer twice, and merged one of the duplicates with each blinkie layer, again leaving me with 3 layers!

big blinkie

Save the image as a PSP file in PSP 7 format, making sure all 3 layers are visible before saving. Saving it this way makes animation a cinch - you only have to open the image in Animation Shop and save it as an animation! So, let's do that!


Open Animation Shop. Before we open our image, we need to be sure Animation Shop is set up to handle a layered PSP image like this correctly. In Animation Shop, choose File...Preferences...General Program Preferences, and click on the Layered Files tab. Make sure "Keep layers as separate frames" is checked. Click OK to exit and save your settings.

Open the PSP big blinkie image (File...Open) you just saved in Paint Shop Pro. Click on the View Animation button on the tool bar and your animation will run! That's how easy it is! Now the only thing left to do is to save the animation - click on File...Save, give your animation a name, and accept all the defaults (see following note) in the ensuing screens!

Note: Images with tubes added outside the blinkie require special care - be sure to check the Glossary for tips on saving animations as transparent gifs for this type of blinkie!

The animation should end up being less than 10% of the size of the saved PSP file!

And there you have it, a great big fat blinkie for tired old (I mean "mature") eyes!

Here's another big blinkie, hanging from a blinkie rack!

big blinkie

And here's a big blinkie using the square template:

square big blinkie

A blinkie made from one of the bonus rectangular templates:

bonus rectangular big blinkie

A blinkie made from the second bonus rectangular template:

bonus rectangular big blinkie

And finally, a valentine made from the bonus heart-shaped template:

bonus heart-shaped big blinkie

Have fun making fat blinkies!

If you have any problems, comments, or questions, please do not hesitate to Email me.


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