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Well, I figure that if you came to my Web Page, you'd probably want to know a little about me! If not, you probably wouldn't have clicked on that button, right! So, here's a little info!

I'm originally from New Hampshire, number three in a wonderful family which includes seven brothers and three sisters! I moved to Ohio in the early 80's, where I met and married my most wonderful husband, Jaron! A few years ago, I took early retirement from a Defense Department job as an IBM mainframe computer programmer in order to spend more time with my husband, who has suffered some problems with his heart, including a triple bypass! I loved programming, and for the last three years I worked, I literally ran a large IBM mainframe, providing all the technical support and training needed for a payroll application. Before programming and Jaron, I taught high school math for several years, my favorite subject being geometry!

nurse iconAfter retirement, needing something to keep me busier than my husband could (ahem!), I decided to go back to school and do something I had always dreamed of - become a registered nurse! So, I did, graduating in June, 1999, with an Associate Degree in Nursing! I began working in our local hospital critical care unit, but due to my husband's health, and recurring knee problems of my own, I retired again! I am now a full-fledged retiree, and loving every minute of the freedom!

gardening iconJaron and and I love the outdoors, and plant a good-sized garden every year. We usually have so many vegetables that we supply our neighbors all summer! I also have an herb garden, and have enjoyed the fresh herbs so much that I have 25-30 pots growing inside even during the winter! One year, I even had tomato plants growing inside, but they got so tall, I decided to wait until summer, so they joined the weed pile!

We also enjoy traveling, and took a 6-week tour of several of our State and National Parks in 1999, such as Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and White Sands. In May, 2000, we added Mesa Verde, Bryce, Zion, the Arches, and the Great Sand Dunes. And in 2001, we toured the Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks in California, and traveled north along the Oregon coast into Washington, where we were awestruck by Mts. Rainier and St. Helens! There is still much to see, though we have no definite plans right now!

I love to play with the computer, and recently created a Web Page for my nursing class, where we keep in touch with each other through monthly Newsletters. At first, I'd relentlessly search the web for just the right icons and small clip art to decorate my web page! Then, I discovered Paint Shop Pro ! Now I create most of this art for my Newsletter myself! I've taken just about every class I could find on PSP, and now just dabble in tutorials. I've recently become a tutorial tester for a few prolific tutorial producers - I find that work very interesting, rewarding, and a fantastic learning experience! And yes, in April 2002, I finally wrote my first tutorial! I think I'm hooked!

xstitch iconWhen I'm not on the computer, I'm an avid reader and cross-stitcher! Though I do not make my own patterns, I love stitching little items that can be framed. My husband makes the frames and tiny easels to display them, and we give them as gifts, or sell them in craft shows! One year, I made tiny stockings to hang on the Christmas tree as ornaments, as well as cross-stitched gift tags. For the past several years, I've made small Victorian house Christmas tree ornaments for a few special friends as well! I usually read 2-3 novels a week - where I get the time, I don't know! I love mysteries, and Jeffrey Deaver, John Lescroart, Leonard Goldberg, Philip Margolin and Andy McNab - to name just a few - are some of my favorite authors! I also love historical fiction, and have thoroughly enjoyed series like that of Jean Auel, and more recently, Diana Gabaldon's "time travel" novels.

So, that's enough about me! If you have any suggestions for me, I'd love to hear from you! Just ~ Email Me ~ to get in touch!

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