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PSP Quick Guides!

Quick Guides are short, concise tutorials designed specifically for the new Learning Center in PSP8 and PSP9. Each of the following tutorials needs to be installed within a TUTORIAL folder, located within a CATEGORY folder, located within the My PSP8 Files (or My PSP Files)/Quick Guides folder. The user selects and sets up the CATEGORY and TUTORIAL folders.

How To Install Quick Guides:

quick guides file tree
  • In Windows Explorer, browse to the My PSP8 Files (or My PSP Files) folder, and open the Quick Guides folder.
  • Create a CATEGORY folder (File...New...Folder) and open it - or open a CATEGORY folder you have already created.
  • Create a TUTORIAL folder (File...New...Folder) and open it.
  • Click on a Quick Guide title (below) and unzip into the appropriate TUTORIAL folder.

In the sample above, there are 2 CATEGORY folders - Current Work and How-To Tutorials. The sample image also shows 5 TUTORIAL folders within the "How-To" CATEGORY.

Once a Quick Guide is installed into a TUTORIAL folder, open the Learning Center in PSP 8/PSP 9 - use the F10 shortcut key if the Learning Center is not visible. Click the Refresh button refresh button. Your new CATEGORY should be visible, and when you click on the plus sign in front of the category name, you will get a list of tutorials in that category. Click on the Tutorial name to load the Quick Guide.

All Quick Guides work in both PSP 8 and PSP 9 unless otherwise indicated.

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Category: How-To Tutorials
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  Drawing A Vector Triangle   Using the Flood Fill Tool
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  Determine PSP Version of Saved Image   Using the Alignment Guides
  Using the PSP Extension   Coloring Images - 1
  Eraser Tool Tips   Coloring Images - 2
  Displaying HTML Color Codes   Coloring Images - 3
  Using the Color Replacer Tool   Coloring Images - 4
  Creating Preset Shapes   Coloring Images - 5

My tutorials are my own creations.
You may share my tutorials with others through TEXT LINKS ONLY.
Please do not post these tutorials, in whole or in part,
in any other location without written permission from me!


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