Code "Snippets" - Dialog Color

Copyright © September, 2003 SuzShook

dot   Script Summary:

The purpose of this script is to provide code "snippets" that allow you to control the color in dialogs, such as the Add Borders dialog, without requiring dialog steps to run interactively. These snippets can be inserted into your scripts, and can be used for any script steps where there's a color box in the dialog. Other examples of dialogs with color boxes include Buttonize, Drop Shadow, Chisel, Brush Strokes, Colored Edges, Polar Coordinates, Ripple, Spiky Halo, Circle, Skew, and many other effects as well.

dot   Installation Instructions:

Download the script - this script runs from any Restricted folder, including its own Quick Guide folder.

dot   Change History:

  • 00 - original version