Shaped Text

Copyright © August, 2006 SuzShook

sample image

dot   Script Summary:

The purpose of this script is to assist the user in creating text that follows a shape along the left or right margin. The user supplies a file that contains the text desired in the image, and the script places the text according to the choice made by the user.

dot   Installation Instructions:

Download the script package

  1. Place the ss-ShapedText script in your Scripts-Trusted folder - the script must run from the Scripts-Trusted folder because it opens and closes a file.

  2. Quick Guide and related files:
    • Make a folder in your Quick Guides folder (if you don't already have one) called Scripts.
    • Within the Scripts folder, make a folder called ss-ShapedText.
    • Place everything from the ZIP file (except the script) in the Scripts\ss-ShapedText folder.
    • If you are working in PSP 8 or 9, you can open the ShapedText Quick Guide in the Learning Center. If you are working in PSP X, you can view the Quick Guide by browsing to the ss-ShapedText folder you created above and double-clicking on the index.htm file.

dot   Change History:

  • 00 - original version
  • 01 - corrected error which prevented script from working correctly in PSP 8