Create Files from Layers of Image

Copyright © December, 2009 SuzShook

dot   Script Summary:

The purpose of this script is to create files from layers of psp images. This script processes entire folders of files at one time, and runs from the Script toolbar from within PSP.

dot   Installation Instructions:

Download the script - place the ss-FilesFromLayersOfImage script in a Scripts-Trusted folder. The script must run from a Scripts-Trusted folder because it opens, closes, and saves files.

dot   Change History:

  • 00 - original published version
  • 01 - corrected error in generated file name for PSP X2
  • 02 - updated script so it can be used to process EITHER a single open image or a folder of images
  • 03 - updated script to accept a Save Location for the generated files - this was done to prevent saving new files in unpredictable locations
  • 04 - updated for PSP X4