Blast Gradient Frame

Copyright © December, 2003 SuzShook

sample image

dot   Script Summary:

The purpose of this script is to create a frame for an image. It does this using the Toadies Blast em! and Blast n Blur (or Blur em!) filters.

Two versions of the script are provided in the ZIP file - the one with the file name ending in FUn runs on systems which have Filters Unlimited (FUn) installed. The other version runs on systems without FUn.

Open an image to be framed, and set the Foreground Material to a gradient that complements your image. If you do not have a gradient that complements your image, use the Dropper tool to select two contrasting colors from your image and use the Foreground-background gradient distributed with PSP.

dot   Installation Instructions:

Download the script - this script runs from any Restricted folder, including its own Quick Guide folder.

dot   Change History:

  • 00 - original version
  • 01 - altered script to run either Blast n Blur or Blur em! filter, whichever is found.