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How to Install Scripting Quick Guides

scripting quick guides file tree

  • In Windows Explorer, browse to the My PSP8 Files (or the My PSP Files) folder, and open the Quick Guides folder.

  • Create a CATEGORY folder called SCRIPTS (File...New...Folder) and open it.

  • Create an individual script folder, such as ss-BigBlinkies and open it.

  • Download zipped script into this folder, and unzip.

In the sample above, there are 2 CATEGORY folders - How-To Tutorials and Scripts. The sample image also shows 4 Script folders within the "Scripts" CATEGORY.

Once you have installed the script Quick Guide, open the Learning Center in PSP 8/PSP 9 - use the F10 shortcut key if the Learning Center is not visible. Click the Refresh button refresh button. Your Scripts category should be visible, and when you click on the plus sign in front of Scripts, you will get a list of the scripts you have installed. Click on the Script name to load the Quick Guide.

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