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Welcome to Suz's Place!

August 2017 - NOTE:

This website will be taken down at the end of the year. Be sure you have all the items you wish to keep before then!

June 2010 - Combined all my Tips&Tricks documents into one!

May 2010 - Moved my website to my own domain!

March 2009 - Converted my Quick Guides into "Version Independent" tutorials!

March 2009 - Made ALL my tutorials "Version-Independent"!

October, 2007 - Moved to my new web page - Welcome!

September, 2007 - PSP X2 is here - Tips & Tricks have been revised once again to support this version!

September, 2006 - PSP XI is here - Tips & Tricks have been revised to support this version!

September, 2005 - PSP X is now published - visit my Tips & Tricks for PSP X page!

August, 2004 - PSP 9 is out, so I've added a PSP 9 Tutorial page and a PSP 9 Tips & Tricks page!

August, 2003 - added a Scripts page for several code snippets scripts, and a few of my scripted tutorials.

June, 2003 - added a Quick Guides page for short, concise Learning Center tutorials.

April, 2003 - PSP 8 is out, so I've added a PSP 8 Tutorial page, and a PSP 8 Tips & Tricks page!

April, 2002 - I love Paint Shop Pro! I have learned so much using this program that I decided to share some of what I've learned with others! Hence, my PSP 7 Tutorial site was born!

To access any of my pages, use the navigation links on the left! Hope you enjoy your stay, and have some fun with Paint Shop Pro while you're here!

Suz's Place hummer


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